House Design

Designing houses, of course, is considered one of the most complex processes among the creations, regardless of its type and complexity. That is why you may try to work with our team and look on a competent and timely solution of the tasks.

Interior design

Interior design is first and foremost an opportunity to show your individuality and to distinguish your home, office or apartment from ordinary analogues. Our team perfectly understands these aspirations, and is ready to translate into reality the idea conceived by you, of any level of complexity.

Landscape Design

The purpose of landscape design is not only to hide the laid systems of necessary communications, but also turn the space in front of your house or urban object into a real piece of landscape art, due to the well-coordinated work and creative imagination of architects.

Product design

If you wnt to show originality in the design of a specific part of interior or a separate object in the landscape zone, our products design will suits you well. We will work with the creative approach to solving the most diverse tasks.

Technical state

It is not a secret for anyone that in the case of the reconstruction of any structure , or to purchase an object that has already been built, it is worth to have corresponding technical state of that building/structure. Technical supervision is carried out by our specialists, who have all the necessary certificates for this task, as well as experience in conducting these kinds of works.

Estimate documentation

Services for budgeting, order estimates for all types of work. Estimates for participation in the tender. Estimates for construction work and materials.

Reconstruction of buildings and structures

Reconstruction of buildings and structures ordered from us is a reliable and effective way to give for morally or technically outdated objects of any category of complexity, not only a new look, but also expand its functionality. All types of reconstruction works are carried out under the supervision of specialists and with all the necessary documentation.

Office Design

Competent design of offices allows you to optimized the working space with the effective placement . Well thought out of the office interior will be able to favorably distinguish your company on the background among the competitors .


If you order a design project for the interior of a house or apartment, you should know that the partitions constructed according to the project and painted with the same colour, will not make your interior complete. After all, the creation of a beautiful inner space is a complex of various events, without which it is impossible to get the result that You expect to recieve.

Facade decor

The purposes of the facade decoration ,mostly, are to restore the lost parts of the facade, making the facade more expressive or to hide the disadvantages of it. Our company develops and produces various decorative elements for a specific task with the use of the reinforced flexible stucco, which is have an attractive surface and sufficient strength for the using it outside.

Urban planning calculation

It is a project documentation, which includes the justification for the construction or reconstruction of the object, indicates the maximum allowable building parameters.

Facade passport

One of the key conditions for a harmoniously designed project for any kind of buildings, is to equip the facade with all the necessary elements with the respecting the roots of it , function and the environment beside it.

Projects coordination

Architectural consulting

Project Expertise

Geodesy and geology

Documentation for architectural monuments

The way of working

Since our bureau has many diverse services, the order of cooperation is negotiated step by step with each of our clients. Depending on your specific wishes, we choose the best solution together , from the options that we have, or we consider unique offer.

After making a preliminary decision, we conduct a detailed analysis of the work ahead and carefully coordinate with you the terms and the cost of the project or service being developed.

After agreed all the necessary parts, we sign an contract with you and proceed to the implementation of the tasks.


In the search for a truly reliable company, first of all you should pay attention to the experience of the work done before. Over the past 8 years in the construction services market, our company has been rated by dozens of satisfied customers in Kharkiv, Kiev, Pirna , Dresden , Kursk , Belgorod, Voronezh, Moscow and other cities.

Our specialists are certified and ambitious people who are focused on the motto: “Seeing opportunities” and always strive to bring the quality of their work to a higher level.

Long practical experience in the work of any category of complexity, as well as the availability of all necessary certificates, makes working with us as reliable and efficient as possible. You can count on high-quality of the projects in time, for all points of the contract.

Due to a wide range of mutually intersecting construction services, our specialists work in a coordinated and consistent manner in the process of working with a project. Teamwork allows to achieve the tasks set an order of magnitude faster and more efficiently.